Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Am a Member of The Brewmaster's Club!

I bet you've been waiting on this post.

I posted a little preview about the fabulous Hospitality House at Sea World a few weeks ago. And really, fabulous doesn't do it justice. I'm all about the free, especially free beer. And especially after I've been chasing my ornery two-year-old around the park for hours on end.

Now, the first cool part is that there is a bar in the front of the Hospitality House that you can get two free beers from and enjoy them in their large comfortable facility that is scattered with beer history and memorabilia. The second cool part is that you can also sign up for their Brewmaster's Club and get to attend an educational tasting of various beers and fruit, cheese, and chocolate.

Mr. Sasha and I signed up, although we did have to sign up separately since the kiddos weren't allowed in the Brewmaster area. He went first and came back refreshed and excited for me to get to go too.

So while I was waiting for the Brewmaster thing to start, I visited the bar up front and chose Shock Top, which is Anheuser-Busch's answer to Blue Moon. If you like Blue Moon, you'll like Shock Top.

Next, they opened up the Brewmaster Club doors and invited us in. They seated us in groups of four. I was seated with a girl who had just turned 21 the week before and a mother and daughter. Could have been totally uncomfortable sitting with 3 random strangers, but they turned out to be nice so it wasn't so bad.

An employee came and handed us a big menu and asked us to select 4 beers to try, which she would bring to us along with a tray of fruit, cheese, crackers and chocolate. Fun!

First, I chose Michelob Ultra Fruit, knowing that there are three different flavors and not knowing which one I would get. I'm just wild and crazy like that.
I had tried the Raspberry Pomegranate before on a trip to Missouri and loved it. So I was pleased that they brought out Lime, a flavor I hadn't tried. It was crisp and refreshing. Fab.

Next, I tried Tilt, which is a malt beverage energy drink. It was quite tasty, although I typically don't drink energy drinks. I figure I'm already medicated enough, no sense in adding additional things in my system. I get enough caffeine in my morning Coke.

I was so excited to try Wild Blue, a fruit infused lager. I was not disappointed- it was wonderful. (And on another note, my wonderful friend Amanda just brought me a six pack because I told her how much I liked it! I don't think they sell it in my state, so I'll be rationing this out and if you come over and I don't offer you one, don't get your feelings hurt, K?)

I also chose LandShark, which I can't actually find any info on on the A-B site. After I ordered it I realized that I had already tried it at Margaritaville in Vegas (it's marketed as Jimmy Buffet's beer). On the plus side, I remembered liking it, so no loss there. It's kinda Corona-ish.

We stopped by a few convenient (convenience?) stores on the way home from Sea World but didn't see any of these for sale. I live in a crazy state with weird beer laws, so I didn't expect to be able to find these for sale at home. To my surprise, I did find LandShark and Shock Top at my local IGA!
I'm quite on a beer kick right now and think I'll christen this The Summer of Beer. Maybe that's my new motto......


Kat said...

yes, i did the brewmasters seminar at seaworld this past spring break- it is awesome! i am jealous though that i didn't get to try the blueberry beer.

kolls said...

OMG I WANNA DO THAT! Thanks for posting about Landshark! K and I saw it in our store and haven't tried it yet...

Anonymous said...

you are making me thirsty! I can't wait to try some fruity beer. YUM!

AJ said...

I'm already having a beer Spring;) I am sooo ready for Summer. Looking forward to trying out your recommendations!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, I wanna join!!!! Shock Top is my new favorite beer. I loooove it. I like even better than Blue Moon. I do my own beer reviews, I've been slacking, but I'm going to dedicate myself to it. (As if I needed an excuse to drink multiple beers, I always do that, but it is a good one.)

Live.Love.Eat said...

Great posting. My husband and I LOVE Blue Moon and Shock Top with a nice thick orange slice!