Saturday, April 19, 2008

It's only 1:00 pm

and it has already been an eventful day.

I ran 6 miles this morning in fab 50 degree weather with no wind- perfect running weather for me.

Went to 10 am soccer game.

Attempted to take the kids to lunch after the game, but got re-routed by a downtown parade.

Finally got to lunch and Mr. Sasha locked the keys in the car.

So we waited quite a while for a locksmith to come.....

And now we are at home- after dropping a $40 dollar locksmith fee.

For those asking, The Wild Child was great this week at school! They said she was a new child! Now, yesterday she did act like she was going to start to bite once, but her teacher caught her and startled her and she stopped. They then started using the tooth-brushing technique from the biting seminar, but since they don't have toothbrushes, they used some kind of long teething object that would reach her back teeth. She loved it and periodically asked for it by saying, "I need to chew my thing." So we see real promise in the new technique and the teacher is working on getting teether toothbrushes donated for 3 of the classrooms! Yay!

Still to come today: a birthday party at a local farm for P to go to, and some friends coming over for burgers/beers with their kids. And I may just meet a friend for margs at Taco Cabana after the kids go to bed. Cause I'm probably going to need it. I think we'll get a pitcher. Definitely, actually.

Just another crazy Saturday. Hope you have a good weekend!


Multislacking Mama said...

I'm proud of that little WC! I think you are right on to what she needs to progress past this phase. Good Job Momma.

Where is the Music Fest on Saturday? I'm going to get a room and make a night of it!

Drink a marg on the rocks (no salt, xtra ice) for me.

Can't Wait!

Beach Bum said...

That's great news! Sounds like WC is really "getting it"! BTW, I ran 4 miles yesterday! I've never ran that far before! Thanks for helping me reach my goal and beyond!