Monday, April 14, 2008

San Antonio Report

Well, that trip just aged me 5 years. And I gained 4 pounds. But hell, we had a great time. Here's a wrap-up report:

  • Number of times P asked "Are we there yet?" on the way there: 997
  • Number of times we had to listen to the Wiggles CD on the way there: 2
  • Number of times Mr. Sasha told P "No more Wiggles CD": 58
  • Number of hours spent in the car on the way there: 7 or so
  • Number of margaritas I had that first night on the riverwalk: 1 (but it was giant)
  • Number of bathrooms in our VRBO rental: 1 (!)
  • Number of bathtubs in our VRBO rental: 0
  • Number of children given baths in the big kitchen sink: 1 (WC)
  • Number of times we ate at the Mexican restaurant down the street from our rental: 2 (it was fabulous) (and it's 3 if you count Mr. Sasha's breakfast taco yesterday)
  • Number of times WC fell and scraped up her knees: 5
  • Number of band-aids she put on herself, me, and the girl behind us in line: 65
  • Number of beers Mr. Sasha and I consumed at Sea World: a lot (and expect a whole blog post on that!)
  • Number of hours the return home trip took: seemed like 10
  • Number of my favorite stores I got to shop at on the way home: 2! (Coach and Ann Taylor outlets!)

And things WC said while in the car:

  • I wanna go to San Antonio!
  • I wanna go to Sea World!
  • I want my shoes off!
  • I want my shoes on!
  • I don't want that!
  • I want that!
  • I wanna color!
  • I want a snack!
  • I want a drink!
  • Momma!
  • Momma!
  • Momma!
  • Momma!
  • I'm wet!

P feeding the sea lions! He loved it and he insisted we do it again the next day. WC did not want any part of it.

Here is a pic of WC doing what she did most of the trip- run from us.

And here is a pic of her getting a little talkin' to. Doesn't Mr. Sasha look serious?

It was super fun and we will probably go back later this year.

Not sure if you noticed, but the moons were all aligned perfectly and I held my tongue just right and somehow managed to get my blog to re-direct to my own domain,!

Unbelievable- and it only took me two tries! Mr. Sasha registered it for me a few years back but I never got around to using it. Now, the old link will still work too, but you are welcome to change your links or bookmarks- I think it has a nice ring to it!


A.D. said...

Looks like fun (except for the car ride)! We went to San Antonio last month, and other than the fact that I was horribly sick the entire time, we had a good time! I'm jealous about Sea World. I really wanted to go, but we didn't have time!

Anonymous said...

And that is exactly why we don't take trips as a family! :)

Glad you're home! Congrats on the new domain! You've hit the big time! Now you just need to sign up for cre8buzz! BTW, I tagged you for a meme (just b/c I love you that much).

MUAH! Missed you!

Kate said...

Awwwww you have a gorgeous family. The only thing missing was me! I like beer. Glad you're back and had a good time!

Melissa said...

I didn't even notice the web address was different until you pointed it out lol!

Great pictures! Glad you gusy had fun!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

looks like fun!!!

we are doing the family thing this week. we are doing disney and legoland. wish us luck.

How did you redirect to ur own domain? I want to do that!

Unknown said...

I just saw that my statcounter said Sasha says and knew you had moved!! Congrats!

San Anton is an awesome city, isn't it? So pretty near the river!

Kate said...

Fun! I wish my husband & I had gone when we were in San Antonio!

Multislacking Mama said...

Oh, Sister. That there list made me REAL tired just reading it. These are things that the LM's do, too, and it makes me wonder why I didn't have kids when I was young enough to not get so tired with it. Or, maybe it makes young parents feel tired, too? I wouldn't know.

The pictures are great! WC and LLM might be just exactly alike in their wild ways.