Friday, March 28, 2008

Ask the Product Junkie: Eye Makeup

Shannie writes: Please tell me about non-smudging eye makeup. I don't care what I buy, it smudges and I look like a raccoon by the end of the day. Please help!

Oh Shannie, this ties in perfectly with the Too Faced eye makeup review I've been meaning to do for almost 2 weeks! Thanks for kicking me in the ass and making me get it done!

I went along with Slim to Ulta a few weeks ago to watch her get a Too Faced makeover by a Too Faced makeup artist. It was fab! I intently watched every move the artist made, asked a million questions about her techniques and even what makeup she was personally wearing, and probably convinced her that I was a freak. Or maybe not, because she did offer to do a touch-up on me since I wasn't bare-faced. Fun!

One product I was particularly interested was the eye shadow primer, something I haven't used since the old days when I used Clinique's Touch Base, which I stopped using because I hated using my finger to apply it. Recently, I've heard a lot about Urban Decay's Primer Potion (called UDPP by beauty bloggers), but I've also read a lot about how their delivery sucks and leaves a lot of product unreachable in the tube.

But I am in love with Too Faced's Shadow Insurance ($17)! Much better application system. The makeup artist said to squeeze a small amount on a concealer brush and apply all over your lid up to your brow. It's amazing how much better my eye shadow wears when I use this. I am wearing eye shadows I never wore before because I could never get a good application from them. Now I know the secret.....

Next, she showed me Too Faced's Liquif-Eye ($17.50). What a fab product! This turns any eye shadow into an eyeliner that lasts all day! So now I'm always able to have a coordinating eye liner to go with my chosen shadow. Now, I was a liquid eyeliner virgin, but this is relatively fool-proof if you go slowly. The result is a just more intense version of the eye shadow you choose. You'll love it.
I'm always on the make for that perfect mascara. Here's my wish list of mascara qualifications:
  • doesn't run or smudge throughout the day, even when I exercise
  • thickens
  • lengthens dramatically
  • is easy to take off
I thought I'd found my HG mascara a few months ago when I discovered Fiberwig ($22). Fiberwig met all my qualifications except it didn't do much to thicken.

However, Lash Injection ($19.50) does! Magnificently!

Note that removing the fiber mascaras is a little different and takes a little getting used to. When you remove them, your cotton ball doesn't get all black and smeary. The mascara comes off in little tubes, almost solidly. Fiberwig's marketing includes the slogan "No more panda eyes" and that goes for Lash Injection, my absolutely most favorite mascara ever. Seriously.

So have fun shopping!


Anonymous said...

i *heart* two faced eye products (though i don't wear eye make up often, other than mascara, but when i do it's two faced)

have you tried this eyeliner?

it goes on like buttah! i have the black beauty.

and i love pink side of the beauty mark duo. i'm not a pink wearer but it's kind of two colors in one.
so fun!

loved reading all your tips. will give a few a try and report back!

Anonymous said...

Your Sephora post made me want to try a lip stain. If you have not used Stila cherry crush lip and cheek stain you really must. It is awesome. Also, you sent me your couch to 5k spreadsheet a few weeks ago and it's going really well. Thanks so much for enriching my life with exercise and lip products.
Amy in Ohio

Anonymous said...

Love this post. Can't wait to see about the Liquif-Eye. I have never heard of anything like that. I suppose this would be better than licking my angled brush to get it wet!!! haha

Christen L said...

okay maybe i missed something.... how are you such an expert in makeup?

I am def trying the two faced products! Sounds fab! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Sasha!!!! I'm off to do some shopping... I'll keep you posted on the banishing of the raccoon eyes!