Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Saturday was P's second soccer game. Yes, we totally missed the first game because we are The Worst Parents Ever. Really, the getting the team together was a last minute thing that involved begging the Y to let us in and each family having to pay an extra $10, so us being out of town for the first game was totally not our fault.

Anyway, he pretty much just stood there and watched the ball go by. Even stepped out of the way a few times. Other times, he was dancing around, doing a little jig. Mr. Sasha was not happy. Three of P's friends were getting after it, getting sweaty and generally red-faced. They were hustling. While P was dancing. And standing around. He totally did not need that Gatorade we passed out after the game.

I just don't think he's going to be an athlete.
What do you think?


clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Well, looks like you have a future college athlete on your hands...not?! THANK you for not being a freak-out mom and for letting him just be a little boy.

Sports are the bane of my existence.

Mrs. Everything said...

Awww... maybe he'll grow to like it. I think most little ones at that age would rather play in the dirt than chase a ball.

TheKeepersMom said...

They all start somewhere, even TheKeepersDad, a computer geek engineer played football in college.
Soccer is fun!

Kate said...

That sounds just like my Sean when he was little and played soccer - he'd just be getting to the other end of field behind his team and they'd be lapping him going back the other direction! Needless to say, he's not sports inclined AT ALL!

Unknown said...

Sounds like Big Kid's first t-ball season...HE DIDN'T PLAY ONE TIME.


He also bitched and whined to the coach that he was too hungry and too tired. Thankssomuchkid.

We've taken a reprieve on team sports until further notice.