Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Cleaning off my desk

I keep jotting down stuff to tell you on sticky notes, but I keep losing them (duh) and so I thought I'd make a list of things that are to come:

  1. Had professional pics of the kids done last Saturday- pics of what was worn and stories of how fabulous the kids were to come
  2. The Politician started soccer- it remains to be seen if he is at all athletic
  3. Had a free sandwich at Schlotzsky's yesterday because I registered at their site
  4. Got a free OPI nail polish at Ulta yesterday from my rewards from last quarter- pretty- show you later
  5. Don't neglect to cut out that coupon for $1 off any Johnson & Johnson Buddies Product from Sunday's paper- can be used for the bars of soap that are 99 cents at CVS and Target!
  6. I used to DJ middle school dances with my friend Betsy (just threw that in there for ya- pretty interesting, huh?)
  7. That new TV show High School Reunion- am I crazy or was there already a show like this 10 years or so ago??? Please someone help me remember!
  8. If you have a Comcast address- they hate me and won't let my emails through- so Shelly, I will need an alternate email address because they are blocking my emails to you!
  9. I promise Lip Stain/Gloss reviews to come! Promise!
  10. I may or may not be coming down with the flu. Operation Break Myself of Afrin went super (no use on Friday-Sunday) but all of the sudden yesterday I felt a new cold coming on! And now I'm achy....
  11. Went to a local consignment sale last night and scored some super cute designer kids stuff- pics to come
Whew. That feels better. If it is in fact the flu and I disappear for a few days, at least I've got a to do list to work from....

Edited to add: Oh, thank goodness. Found this at wikipedia: High School Reunion is an original program that will begin airing March 5 2008. According to the TV Land website, the 1987 graduating class of J.J. Pearce High School in Richardson, Texas will be reunited and conduct documentary-style interviews on their classmates without having their old peers listening in. The people interviewed are given labels to describe their high school roles. The series was filmed in Maui.

The program had originally aired on The WB for two seasons between 2003 and 2005. Those series featured reunions of younger classes (ten-year reunions), and focused more the on the strife, romantic tension and old rivalries between classmates than the lighter tone of the TV Land version of the series.


Anonymous said...

me again. I realize from before you can't send to comcast. But you do receive I believe. I send the info, just assuming you got it. No news is good news. Thanks!

Multislacking Mama said...

Mamalicious might be taking a trip to Goldsby on Thursday. Would you (and Kim) be able to swing a late lunch? I know it is late notice. Email me at work...

Love thy list.

Red said...

Glad to know that I wasn't the only one thinking I'd seen that show before. : )

Is it bad that I am really looking forward to the train wrecks that will surely happen on this show? : )

Traci Anne said...

Yeah, so J.J. Pearce? Is my alma mater. They'd better not make the rest of us non-reality-show people look bad. (I'm looking at you, Jessica Simpson.)