Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Calgon, take me away!!!!

Ya'll, I am about to explode. Craziest day ever.

I was actually so busy (cleaning before the cleaning lady comes) this morning, that I put on a sapphire ring instead of my wedding ring. Also left the house without a few things that I needed today.

On the way to school, WC was saying "I throw up" which is totally not true, but still freaked me out every time she said it. She likes to repeat stuff out of context, kind of like saying "Ice cream truck's in trouble." Gee.

Also have totally blown my diet today because it's is someone's birthday and of course I made Neiman Marcus Bars (duh!) and someone made Oreo Balls, and of course 5 of them have jumped in my mouth.

I am getting so close to having my giveaway prizes ready to go out... but yeah, I'm just not there yet. Don't lose hope, I promise it will happen.

I am way behind on reading my favorite blogs, and I have got to get my picture order ready.

Does anyone want to be my personal assistant? It doesn't pay well, but I'll do your nails, give you a makeup makeover, help you set up a blog of your own complete with statcounter and a scrapblog header, and even burn you a cool CD. I'll even save some Neiman Marcus bars for you. Any takers?


morewineplease said...

speaking of diets.. I almost hate to type it b/c I may damn well jinx myself... BUT, you have inspired me to start the C25K... I am on Day 3. (next week will be rough, my girls will be back from Houston and working out while they are away is much easier)
wish me luck

Jennifer said...

If you will do all that I would LOVE to be your personal assistant:) But seeing how we live many miles apart I don't know how that is possible....

Kate said...

Can't help w/ the personal assistant deal since I am too far away -- but wanted to let you know I have a recipe that is similar to the Neiman Marcus bars but w/ Lemon cake...delish! (not that that knowledge will help either of our diets!)