Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ask the Product Junkie

JKW writes: Hey! I have a makeup question for you! Along with transforming the body...I am in desperate need of a new lip and eye color...and have noticed your makeup reviews...any particular suggestions for a fair skinned person like me? I need a lip color that doesn't rub off in two seconds....Thanks!

Well, first of all, I'm so flattered you asked me! I do have some suggestions for you.

I describe myself as PDP (pretty damn pale) and it looks as though our hair color is about the same... so I think some things that work well for me may work well for you too.

First, let me tell you about my HG (holy grail) lip routine.

First, I apply TheBalm's Stainiac in Beauty Queen (it's berry pink, not the shade above). It's a fabulous gel stain that lasts quite a long time. I find I get the most even long-lasting wear from a gel stain. It's $14 at Sephora and a great buy because it lasts forever.

Then, once that's dry, I apply Bare Escentuals's Buxom Lips in Dominique (again, not the shade above- Dominique is a shimmery clear). Love love love this gloss- but only Dominique- don't try the colored ones as they suck. Dominique is $18 from Sephora. Still a good value- I've been using the same tube since Christmas pretty much every day and I still have half left.

Now, if you are looking for a drugstore HG, have I got the product for you.

I've been using Revlon's ColorStay Overtime Sheer in Sheer Pomegranate for years. I bet I've bought 10 tubes of this. The color is fabulous for someone with our coloring and I get almost all-day wear with this. I do reapply the topcoat a few times throughout the day, but the base color stays on very well. At under $10 at most drugstores and stores like WalMart and Target, this is a super buy and would probably be my recommendation on what you should try first.

Stay tuned for my long-promised Too Faced eye product post! I am still loving these three new products I got!


Jennifer said...

Thank you so much!!

Rachael said...

I could use these tips too. I'll have to bookmark this page. My lipstick is always gone by midmorning.

(Maybe you should start a regular write-in feature...you might be onto something!)