Tuesday, March 25, 2008


One of the mottos in contention for NLP: RD: Motto is "Every day is a liquor convention" and of course there is WC's suggested "I need ice!".

Here in the south(west) we're stating to have some fab days mixed in with our 20 degree days. Saturday was one of those nice days and Mr. Sasha suggested we grill hamburgers. I ran to WalMart since we had none of the stuff on hand, and wandered down the beer aisle.

Ever since I'd seen the Tea Partay video last year (East is so much better than West), I've been dying to try to Smirnoff Raw Tea and this was the perfect occasion. I found the Raspberry variety and into my cart it went.
verdict: Yum! And more yum! Light and refreshing.... I downed two before I even realized it. No aftertaste. Just wonderful. I'll be buying more and can see these being a staple this summer.

I'm also a fan of the original Blue Moon, and yesterday when I was at Target at lunch I found this new version:

Blue Moon Rising Moon Spring Ale. So of course I bought this too. I don't know when I think I'm going to drink this all. Maybe you can come over for a drink this weekend.


Kate said...

I'm telling you, liquor + ice = conversation. Therefore, by the laws of alcohol, you need to adopt both mottos. If you don't, I'm totally stealing the "I need ice" one. Ok, so I already did. I randomly like to yell, "I need ice" around the house. Last night, I saw Hubby looking up names of those "special" places online. Hmmmmmmmmm....I'm guessing he either thinks I have Tourettes or that I'm an alkie.

The Driftwood Collector said...

I like the sound of that spring ale. Must look around here in north bf and see if I can find some...

Carie said...

Beer is great. Thats all I've got.

Anonymous said...

Oooh - thaks for the heads up on the Blue Moon Spring ale - we're big fans of the original.