Friday, August 8, 2008

The Hex

Even though the bear has been shifted to someone else (Hi Slim!) the hex is still upon us.

Before dinner I dropped off swabs from WC's infected spots to the lab. The ped suspects MRSA. I won't tell you about the hell it was to hold the poor thing down so they could drain the areas. I can't speak of it, or I'll start crying again.

We will find out the results Sunday, but have started the oral and topical MRSA meds.

I am ready to do a ceremony of some sort to lift this horrible illness cloud that is upon the Sashas.

Anyone knowledgeable in this area?


Stephanie said...

On the lighthearted side, I watch Flipping Out on Bravo. (Do you? It's great!) Anyway, the guy flips million dollar homes and has OCD. He always "blesses" his houses. If they have an argument, even his partner says, "get the sage" So, get some sage, burn it, walk around with a feather and fan it around. Have Mr. Sasha do it and you follow him talking about blessing the house. Listen, it must work, they always sell the houses after and the have TONS of money. Could it get much worse???
We are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers!

sweeTharleymama said...


I am so sorry that you all are going through all of this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Poor WC. Just think that it can only get better though. Miss you. Love you.

The G's

sweeTharleymama said...

P.S. Definitely deserving of a pitcher of margs or another free brewery tour.

Lipstick said...

Oh poor WC!!! And poor Sasha too! Yep, I agree with the margs.

C. Beth said...

There's a good thread on this very topic right now on our birth board--Krazygal's little girl is getting over MRSA (or whatever the acronym is; it's late and my memory is already in bed.)

Erica said...

Sasha, My heart goes out to you. My 2 year old Wild Child (I have a Princess and a Wild Child) has had 2 possibly 3 cases of MRSA. I must have had the look when our ped said those letters because she immediately told me to calm down. Only 10% of all cases go antibiotic resistant and you have to remember that those are usually people who don't catch it early and are already sick with something else or have had major surgery.
Try to drain it at home. Soak her in a tub and try to drain it. She will scream but take a stiff drink before hand and make your husband do it while you kiss on her face. If it won't drain after that, try to repeated applications of a heating pad.
My dd had a spot on her thigh come up in April and we treated with oral and topical antibiotics and my dh drained it several times. She had a spot come up in June while we were on vacation and she was at my In-laws that may or may not have been and they treated it with topical antiobiotics. A few weeks ago she had a spot come up on her bottom and then a few days later she had to have it surgically drained. The pediatric surgeon said he personally is doing 2-3 of these a day.
I took her in for a check on Wednesday and they gave us the following recommendations since we have had more than case now but I would have done it if they would have told me the first time. Basically Bleach is your new friend. Wash down anywhere she might touch with a diluted bleach solution. Scrub the tub down with bleach after she is in it. They also recommended that the whole family takes clorox baths. One cup of bleach in a whole tub of water and sit in there for about 15 minutes.
Sorry if I'm rambling but I only have a few minutes- email me if something doesn't make since
ericatcraft at yahoo . com

Browns said...

Oh Sasha, your fam is having a tough time. I hope WC gets to feeling better and I will be praying for you guys.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Ugh Sasha!
I'm soo sorry!

Angry Toddler and I am sick too. This totally sucks! I feel for you!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

WTF? Can a girl get a break, puh-lease? Wish I could fix it for you!


Joy said...

Poor baby that is terrible.

and terrible for mommy to have to watch it all. I hope you try my Margarita recipe I commented below

Jen said...

Oh wow. When it rains it pours, huh?

Hope everything starts to improve for your family soon.

M said...

Awww, poor baby. I hope it all gets cleared up quickly.