Friday, May 23, 2008

I Hope Supernanny Works at DHS

In a moment of desperation, I just called the girl who set up the biting workshop at DHS, and asked for her help.

Mr. Sasha had just called me and said that after I left for work, The Wild Child did the following:
  • took off her shorts and tried to secretly throw them away
  • poured out her baggie of cereal on the floor
  • tried to get the cereal box to eat out of instead
  • spit on him a few times
  • hit at him
  • yelled "No!" about a million times
  • tried to bite Mr. Sasha when he was putting her in her car seat
  • cried/screamed all the way to school
  • then magically changed her tune when she saw her friend walking in to school, wiped off her tears and said "Yay, school!"
  • once she was in her classroom, saw a little boy crying for his mom and she gave him a hug and said "It's OK."


So we have a "developmental assessment" scheduled for next Tuesday morning. Maybe she has some developmental delay that is causing her to be frustrated? Maybe she has a sensory integration problem and just can't deal? Maybe we are just bad parents? We will see what DHS has to say.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain I really do - Satan Spawn....errr I mean much the same. God help me but I'm probably raising a menace to society!!!

M said...

Maybe our kiddos will end up in the pokey together ;)

Check out my post, it's quite similar.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I you just wrote that down for me. Mine is EXACTLY the same. lord help us. :)

Stephanie said...

You and Mr. Sasha are not bad parents! That shouldn't even be a consideration, you crazy woman! Good Luck~I am praying for you and WC!!

Melissa said...

I'm sure you're not bad parents!

My brother was a biter and a kicker. He even kicked his preschool teacher and tried to bit her and of course, he did it to kids as well! My parents were awesome, it was just a phase with him and he got punished a lot. He turned out fine by the time he went to kindergarten. I'm sure your little girl will stop eventually!

morewineplease said...

I had my entire women's group praying for my biter... she finally grew out of it... but now she hits. UGH.... How old is WC?
Diva will be 3 in 2 weeks.. didnt someone say 3 was worse than 2?? Lord help us~

Anonymous said...

I have so been there done that (minus the biting but many other acts of acting out). My youngest has always been very, very "spirited". He had a slight speech delay and started going to a part time preschool for speech therapy (he also attended a f/t time preschool - I work). Anywho - while discussing some of his "issues" at a parent conference it was decided that he probably has some sensory integration issues. We went ahead and put him in the special ed prek through the public school system and it has DONE wonders for the child. He had no learning delays - he just can't "deal" with things like most kids can. He's still a handfull - but oh the improvements!