Monday, April 7, 2008

Our Pet Piranha

is home today with her DeDe.

Mr. Sasha said she stuck her bottom lip out this AM when he told her she wasn't going to school, looked upset for 1/2 a second, then went and found her Elmo book and said "Read it to me!"

Yeah, cross your fingers that time with grandparents and mom and dad without Bubba around doesn't turn out to be The Most Fun Ever.

Sorry, no lylas from me today. I'm kinda meh. I mean, I do love ya, just don't feel pink and swirly right now.....


Mad About Plaid Girl said...

You must remember to tell whoever watches the Wild Child to NOT NOT NOT do anything exciting while they are watching her--and to mention how sad it is that she is at home b/c she can't behave herself, blah blah blah......."I bet they are reading LOTS of fun books at school andyou are having to miss sad."

Kate said...

How did day 1 go? Is she planning her own version of the Shawshank Redemption, yet?