Monday, December 10, 2007

"Wintry Mix" my ass

Yeah, it's straight ice.

Good thing I only needed to turn right out of my driveway this AM, because turning left would not have been possible. Lots and lots of trees broken and down because of the heavy ice we got yesterday and last night. I have a million things to do today, but most of my town does not have power. Luckily, our trees look OK.

Schools are closed here today, so daycare is closed too, so Mr. Sasha is home with the kiddos today. Nice thing about being self-employed. He went down to his office before I came to work to get his laptop so he could get some work done from home today, but the power was out so he had to go back to the car and pray that at some point when it was my car, maybe I might have put a flashlight in there. And of course since I am Safety Patrol, there was one in the glove box. Score one for me!

Hope your weather is better than ours. Snow is pretty, but ice is nasty.


Kate said...

Yeah - thanks for sending it my way - we're supposed to get the ice tonight with 3-5" of snow tomorrow. I'm thinking I need a warmer climate!

clemsongirlandthecoach said...

Um, it's 74 here...move SOUTH!