Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Ice Storm Hell

Ya'll, it's bad here. The worst ice storm since The Ice Storm of '87. The Sasha family was without power, so we drove to Mr. Sasha's parents for the night. I am back at work this AM. The IOU that serves my home had over half a million customers without power as of last night.
The crazy thing is the road are fine, it's just the ice on the power lines and trees. Our street looks terrible- our house is about 35 years old and our street has lots of beautiful established trees. The are all broken to shit. So sad.
The real problem here is that I was going to bid on a black Coach Carly that ended on ebay last night, but since the power was out and we were at the ILs, that didn't happen. Damn. I really have my priorities in order, don't I?


Unknown said...

Wow. Puts our measly ice storm to shame. Hope everyone's safe. My condolences on the missed Coach Bag! ;)

k e r r y said...

too funny - you sound like me last year when our power was out due to our ice storm. I can't remember what I was bidding on but I was bummed that I lost it!! Best of luck - no power is not fun!

Kate said...

Yikes Sasha - we got much less ice than they were predicting but your neck of the woods is all the story up here. Hope it gets better soon!