Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Holiday Recap

Oh, ya'll. It seems like so many funny things happened over the awesome holiday weekend, but I am getting old (34 on Saturday!) and forgetful and I bet I forget to tell you a lot of things. So you may get a holiday recap that has installments for a few days.

1. The Politician is totally uninterested in his V.Smile Pocket. An excellent use of $49. I am thinking of taking back the 2 un-opened games that I paid full price for. I totally should have known better- he likes to play with "stuff" like construction vehicles and trains and I just don't think he'll be a video game kind of kid.

2. He totally did not notice that there was no yellow fire truck. I had this big story concocted that Santa ran out of yellow paint, but didn't have to go there. He did get a red fire truck at his great-grandmother's, so that makes about 7 fire trucks in his possession.

3. The Wild Child dis-robed not one, not twice, but three times during various present openings. Once when my fam was here to put on a new t shirt, ones at the great-grandmother's to put on some Dora PJs, and one last night at Mr. Sasha's family Christmas, when she opened her stocking and found PullUps. She dropped her drawers, pulled off her diaper and tossed it aside, and handed me a PullUp. Everyone in the room was dying laughing at the bare-bottomed little turkey waiting patiently for me to help her into the PullUp.

4. All she really needed for Christmas was Dora house shoes, because she put them on yesterday morning and refused to take them off (except for bath last night) and even slept in them last night!

5. I can't believe I forgot to bring my camera to work today, because he was totally jamming out last night with his new guitar, and it was precious. I'm telling you guys, he's going to be a major rock star and I'm going to be his cool mom who travels with the band.

Gotta go print some paychecks, but I bet I think of more later! Hope your holiday was merry! On a side note, Lexapro is my best friend and I totally did not have the usual anxiety attack at Mr. Sasha's family Christmas celebrations! Yay me!

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