Friday, December 7, 2007

WC Update

Chompy McChomperson did great in the Twos yesterday. They said she was wide-eyed all day and had a great time with all the new toys and such. *sigh* I can't believe my little girl is almost two..... And I also can't believe that I haven't even THOUGHT about her birthday and if we are going to have a party, etc. Damn these Christmas bdays (mine is the 29th....)

When we picked up The Politician yesterday, Mr. Sasha said, "Hey, your sissy is in a new room now! The Twos!" and P said, "Yeah, dad, I already heard." Funny how word gets around a preschool so fast.

Tomorrow is going to be C-razy. The Christmas program at the school is at 8:45 am, then the Christmas parade downtown at 10 am, then my work's childrens Christmas party at a local family fun place after naps, then we have a progressive dinner for our new Sunday school class tomorrow night. I am making the fabulous Neiman Marcus bars and I can't wait to eat one. Or 10. And to introduce them to new people. Who will be asking me for the recipe, so I will make sure to have copies in my purse.

I still haven't gotten a Christmas gift for The Hardest Person Ever to Buy For (aka Mr. Sasha) so I am constantly thinking about that. I did get him John Grisham's new football book and season 1 and 2 of The Office, but I need something "big".

And crap, I also have to get birthday presents for WC.

Wow, can't believe how fast December is going by. Tina, your Christmas ticker just keeps pissing me off because I realize just how much I have left to do and how little time there is.

Are you done shopping?


Traci Anne said...

Surprisingly, the only present I have left is my mama's, and I already know what to get her! Wheee!

Kate said...

Ask me if I'm done on Christmas Eve...cause that's the day I'll probably be finishing up!

WHOOOOHOOO on the good news from WC.

Smoochiefrog said...

Sorry! You know you love me though!

I just last night bought the first present of many.

Hey, just because I have a ticker up doesn't mean I'm on top of the game!

Smoochiefrog said...

Oh and I'm glad she had a good day in the 2's room!

Lamp Tramp said...

Love reading about Wild Child, Politician, and your adventures. Thanks for making me smile....reminds me of when my two were little. Bless you!