Saturday, December 22, 2007

How many more days until we can take them back to school?

5 minutes before The Wild Child was going to go to bed, she and The Politician disappeared. (Actually, Mr. Sasha was engrossed in Sports Center or some such and didn't notice them leave the living room.)

Their destination was the bathroom and The Politician decided to "clean her hair" and rubbed a whole bunch of shampoo in the front of her nice already-clean dry hair. Nice. So let's just do the bath all over again.

It's starting out to be a spectacular Christmas break.


Anonymous said...

Well, take comfort that he didn't decide she needed a trim too! :)

Unknown said...

HAH! Anonymous hit it right on the head. :) I'm having my own regrets about the length of the vacation. SS#1 is developing quite the sassy mouth. He's been home for 48 hours and has been sent to his room TWICE. Thank goodness we'll be out of town for 10 days.