Thursday, December 20, 2007

Dec 20th- seriously?

If you lived close to us, The Politician and I would share our pretzel goodies with you! We need to whip up some more and take some to some friends. Excuse the big white block on there, had to remove some personal info.

Had to share this pic taken the day of the Christmas program at school. The Wild Child loves to dress up and twirled around saying "Pretty!" after she had her dress on. I got her a Barbie dress-up outfit for her birthday and can't wait to see what she thinks. Mr. Sasha thinks she will want to wear it 24-7.

I have so much to do that it's not even funny. What I am doing blogging??????

I did get my ham ordered yesterday, although they didn't want my name and said all I needed was to bring in the confirmation number they gave me over the phone. Only problem- I can't seem to locate that. Hope that it turns up before tomorrow.

Also, totally lost my blackjack on the way to work today. I heard it ringing, but couldn't find it. I actually had to borrow a co-worker's phone once I got here and go out to my van and call myself to find it via sound! Hey, it worked!


Anonymous said...

Your children are adorable!

Kate said...

AWWWWWW how cute and enjoy the fact that they are stilling willing to touch one another - getting my two in a picture is hard enough, I've given up on the hugging!!!!

Traci Anne said...

I totally should've come up for some pretzels!!! Also bearing a sack of baked goods, because my mom? Went a little overboard with the baking this year. Again.