Friday, December 14, 2007

Two Guys and a Saw

..... and no insurance, I'd imagine.

No way in hell I'm letting "Two Guys and a Saw" clear limbs out of my yard. I can just see the lawsuit from them getting injured working on my property. I am 100% sure they weren't bonded, seeing as how they looked homeless and I can only assume unemployed.

Seriously, no less than 6 people have rang our doorbell or left us fliers offering their services to clean up our yard. The ice really brings out the crazies.

Waiting on the snow to fall tonight. We still have some of our customers without power, and the local IOU still has over 100,000 out of power. The local schools are still closed, but my wonderful daycare has been open since Wednesday. Love them love them love them. Although The Politician is having some lunch issues there, which I will post about once I sort out my opinion on the whole deal and how I plan to handle it.

And holy cow, I still haven't done any more Christmas shopping. They have been brining us lunch in so we can just work through our lunch hours, so no shopping for me (Target, have you noticed?). I fully expect Visa to call me and ask about the unusual activity on my cards (none!). Still have no ideas for Mr. Sasha.....

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