Friday, December 31, 2010

Preview: 11 in '11

I have big plans in store for New Year, New Me. I'm calling my goals 11 in '11! I figure if I make that many goals, surely I can meet at least a few of them!

Goal One:
Exercise every day

Whether it's a 10 minute walk around the block with Bella, or a 6 mile run, I'll be doing some sort of physical activity Promise!

And one of my Christmas presents will help me meet that goal- Zumba for Wii!

This past semester, I attended a 6 week Saturday morning Zumba class and loved it! My crazy schedule didn't allow me to find a more regular class, and traveling put a damper on even the once-a-week class.

But with this Wii game, I can add Zumba to my workout schedule. I truly miss dancing (I was on the ADTS All-American Drill Team in 1991!) and this will not only help me get my fix, but also give me a hell of a workout at the same time.

What other workout suggestions do you have for me?


ETsmommy said...

Have you tried it yet?? Is it like the classes? I've thought about getting it, but not sure if it's worth it!

Sasha said...

Yes, I did a 45 minute beginner class yesterday and it was awesome!

ETsmommy said...

Hmm,I might have to see about getting that one! Thanks!