Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Cocoa Chex Mix

It's totally a sickness- when I start researching something I can't stop.....

And all I could find about the Cocoa Chex Mix was info about a special edition Winter Chex Mix Cocoa from a few years ago. This article isn't dated, but it was definitely talking about a different version because the contents aren't quite the same. I keep finding 2008 references in regards to this version.

From the article linked above: This mix included pretzels shaped like stockings, snowflakes, sleighs, snowmen and Christmas trees (moronically described on the bag as "holiday trees" so as not to offend); mini marshmallows, the kind they include with hot chocolate mix; vanilla bread sticks; Corn Chex; and Frosted Mini Chex. All of those things had a thin coating of a hot chocolate-like powder that adhered to everything quite well.

2010's version has (clockwise from left): mini marshmallows (cereal style), circle and square pretzels, a swirly cookie, a chex densely-coated with chocolate powder, and a sweetened almost-frosted chex.

It's quite yummy, and now we can get back to tasks at hand (Christmas shopping!) now that I've properly research, photographed, and reported my new find. (Since Chex Mix doesn't feel it necessary to put the product on their web page......)


Holly said...

Ok so I am officially never ever buying that! Because I would eat the entire bag in one sitting! :O

sprinkles said...

I am 100% positive I'd eat the entire bag in one sitting too. But I have no self control so I'd still buy it!

I have that same sickness -- once you start researching something, you can't stop. I know it well. I only hope it comes in handy when I start school next month.

tinksmagic said...

I was able to find the original a few years back and just found the cocoa one at our discount store. So yummy!

Brenda said...

this stuff is great and its easy eating one bag in one sitting. so sad it only comes out at Christmas time. last year walmart grabbed leftovers from some other store and put $1 on them! needless to say i snagged them all and gorged for several days.