Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Forty Before Forty: Update

In September, I posted a 40 Before 40 list and promised to keep it updated. Since I ran a half-marathon this weekend with Beth (more on that later!), it's time to update the list and see what else I can mark off.

1. Have a picnic at the lake with the husband & kids.
2. Take a road trip with no specific plans (heads Carolina, tails California etc).
3. Read a book, just for pleasure (no parenting topics allowed!).
4. Go to the zoo. DONE Fall 2010
5. Get a massage.
6. Have girl’s night. DONE
7. Have a TV series marathon weekend.
8. Make brunch for friends.
9. Invest in a vacation home.
10. Have date night with the husband. DONE during Parent's Night Out at church
11. Have board game night.
12. Get together with local bloggers.
13. Get a mani/pedi with a girlfriend.
14. Lose 25 pounds.
15. Go to the State Fair. DONE- Disney on Ice Fall 2010
16. Host a dinner party for friends, no kids allowed. DONE- Neighborhood Chili Cookoff Fall 2010
17. Redecorate.
18. Sleep in.
19. Play rock band.
20. Get a makeover.
21. Frame photos for around the house.
22. Have a family portrait taken. DONE Fall 2010
23. Cook the husband a delicious dinner.
24. Go to the movies- and see a new release.
25. Donate my time to a good cause.
26. Go see live local music.
27. Go for a stroll with my family.
28. Have a glass of wine on the patio.
29. Go out to eat and only have dessert.
30. Buy produce at the farmers market.
31. Go out and get my hands dirty and plant something. DONE - pansies Fall 2010
32. Take a class of some kind. DONE- photography class Fall 2010
33. Travel to a different country.
34. Run a half marathon. DONE 12-5-10
35. Go through all of my clothes and get rid of any I haven't worn in the last year or two.
36. Try a new food.
37. Get a pet. DONE- Bella! Nov 2010
38. Go to a drive-in movie theater.
39. Learn a new craft.
40. Have boudoir pictures made.


C. Beth said...

I love your list!!

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

I LOVE your list! Some of it even surprises me (like that last one, but I love, love that idea!) Keep us posted on your progress. And I'm totally making a list... and stealing some of your ideas. xoxo

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Great list. You are doing a great job at accomplishing those things on your list. You inspire me, to umm get off my butt and do something.

sprinkles said...

This is a great list! But seriously - you DON'T have 25 pounds to lose!!!