Saturday, December 11, 2010

Just Another Saturday

Bella still doesn't like her Christmas dress.....
(notice the back legs, frozen, and also the half snarl)

We found Mater at our local Christmas parade.

(How cute is that?????)

And The Wild Child has a message for Santa......

Hope you are having a good weekend too!

I'm off to get ready for my BIL and SIL's joint 30th birthday party- it's an 80s Christmas sweater party! I will be doing some old magic on my hair, and have the makeup planned too: dark lip liner with Revlon Silver City Pink on my lips, and lots of blue eye liner.

I'll French roll my jeans and I actually tried very hard to find an Eagle's Eye Christmas sweater, to no avail, but I think I've got something lined up to borrow. I am also not sure about shoes..... I just don't have any Dexters, Keds or high-top Reeboks.....

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sprinkles said...

Bellas is adorable.

I LOVE the 80's and kinda miss it sometimes.

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

LOVED seeing y'all in the parade! Your kids are so precious. We really need to get the whole crew together very soon to hang out.


Jules said...

I swear I TOTALLY had that sweater you are wearing!


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