Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Apps for Kids

P is the proud owner of an ipod touch, and Mr. Sasha surprised me with an ipad this Christmas, so I've been doing some app shopping.

Of course one of our first purchases was Angry Birds, as well as Angry Birds Seasons. Cut the Rope is also a favorite.

And here are a few other ones I found that are tons of fun, and very well-liked by me as well as both kiddos (age 7 and almost 5).

I found this Rapunzel 3D Interactive Pop Up Book app and it's fabulous and well-worth the $1.99. Both kids were mesmerized, especially since we saw Tangled this weekend and loved it!

The kids are loving Cake Doodle (99 cents), and I'll admit to whipping up a few cakes myself last night after the kids went to bed.

And Cookie Doodle (also 99 cents) is the same idea, but of course, with cookies. Precious. You know I'm a sucker for a cute owl.

But Fruit Ninja (99 cents) is probably my favorite find. It's so fun! There are several ways to play and even a super easy timed version where you just can't lose- perfect for the little ones who get frustrated easily.

Do you have other app suggestions for the Sasha family?

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Jill Ann said...

Barbie...I can be, talking Tom, alphabet race, spongebob tickler, doggie day care, rocket bird, mad math, sneezes, stick skater, abc free, tic tac glo, brain pop, spell board, egg drop extreme, pee monkey, baby phone, jelly car, Paul frank cupcakes. I would love some new ones for the kids so I am curious what others add.