Thursday, December 2, 2010

Are You Getting Into the Holiday Spirit?

The kids and I on Saturday at SDC

I am! Silver Dollar City really did it for me last week- the decorations were just gorgeous and their beautiful giant Christmas tree light show was amazing! Our house is almost done- the outside lights and blow-ups look great and hopefully we'll finish decorating the tree in our living room tonight.

I am recording The Santa Clause tonight on ABC Family for the kiddos- they have never seen it, and I think they will love it.

I've already devoured a bag of Dove Peppermint Bark (all by myself, shhhh) and need to make a trip to our local candy store for some Sugar Plums this week.

I also picked up some Hershey's Bliss Hot Cocoa Mix in Milk Chocolate with Raspberry, and also White Chocolate. (Why oh why can't Hershey's get their act together and get their products on their website? Will they never learn??????)

On my to-do list: watch Love Actually, The Holiday, and of course, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation.

What are some of the movies you watch to get you in the holiday spirit?

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1 comment:

sprinkles said...

You and your kids are just so cute!

I love Elf and A Christmas Story. It just doesn't seem like Christmas if I can't watch one of those movies.


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