Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Fall

Febreze, oh how I love thee. I love that you make inexpensive candles that rival Yankee. I've been loving their limited edition candles since I discovered the Winds and Springtime variety in the spring.

Right now I am enjoying the Pumpkin Harvest & Fall scent. (Note: Dear Febreze, there's no need to remove past season's scents from your website if they are still in store and still in season. It seems silly to me that you removed your Fall 2009 scents when you introduced your Christmas 2009 scents....)

Moving on.... right now these are $5 at Target and you can use a $2 off coupon from the most recent P&G coupon insert, making these $3, which is a FABULOUS deal.

I also picked up Cranberries &Frost scent, which I haven't burned yet, but it smells equally yummy. Same price, same coupon, hell of a deal!


Erin said...

I'm a steadfast Yankee Candle girl. But I picked up one of the Glades in the regular Vanilla scent a couple months ago on super sale. I doubted its ability to make my house smell as yummy as my dear Yankees...but ended-up being amazed at it's strength. I'll be on the look-out at Target for the holiday scents!

Yellow Beads said...

oh I will have to find these, thanks!