Friday, November 13, 2009

Curious George Live!

The Sasha family has a fabulous time last night at Curious George Live with our friends and their so-cute twins. Note that WC and I are both sportin' CG gear. Well, you can't see mine, but he's there on my jacket!

Here- I think you can see it a little better. BTW, P (age 6) took this pic and I think he did a great job! No heads cut off, and bonus: we're in focus!

G didn't feel like being in the pic right at that moment, so that's his head.

If you have the chance to see the show, by all means, do it. The kids loved it! It actually lasted a little longer that I thought it would, but the kids made it with no problems. The show started at 7 and there was a 15 minute intermission at 7:45 and the show was over about 8:40.

WC did turn to me right after the show started and ask "Now, when does Lightning McQueen come out?"

Too funny!

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Cornelia said...

I hate I missed out on this show.
You look great!

Cory said...

I was just getting ready to FB you and see how the show went. Brenyn and I are wanting to go when it is here next weekend. Glad you loved it!!!

Yellow Beads said...

funny enough, we are watching CG on PBS right now, ha! We LOVE that monkey. Mimi's 2nd birthday party theme was CG and we all wore GS shirts, it was the best!

Lipstick said...

That looks like a lot of fun and I'm pretty impressed with you having a CG jacket! is Mamalicious? I am missing her!

Slim said...

your hairs look awesome!!!

Chic Runner said...

So cute! I love your hair too and that looks like a fun show and idea :)

Julie said...

My boys LOVE Curious George books. I bet the play was awesome!

Sandra said...

My 16 month old is showing a huge interest in CG. It sounds like it would be a great thing for little ones!

Hair Bows & Guitar Picks said...

Can't wait to take my daughter!

Your daughter is super cute and looks a lot like mine :)


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