Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Just Bought Myself a Birthday Present

That's OK, isn't it?

Yesterday I gave my friend Kristie a hug when I saw her and didn't want to let go. She had on this fabulous jacket that felt like WC's lovie and I just wanted to rub on her arm. So silky.

It was The North Face Osito jacket and I actually picked one up for myself yesterday in black at a local store for 10% of off the $99 price. Add in tax, and I got very close to $100.

The hubs was all for it, glad to have a present taken care of, but got on the computer and found it at Backcountry for $78.99 with $.01 next day shipping! And since there's no tax, and ebates offers 4% back for Backcountry, that's a hell of a deal! I'm a little embarrassed that he showed me up at what I do best (deal hunting) but I'm also glad to save $2o.


Prissy Southern Prep said...

I have a North Face pull over in that material, and it is the softest thing ever! It really feels like a high end baby blanket!

Cornelia said...

I just ordered one. Your husband just saved my husband $20.

C. Beth said...

Ooh, that is so pretty!!