Thursday, November 12, 2009

Is It Already Time For Christmas Candy?????

One of my favorite candy blogs (yes, there's a blog for everything) is Candy Blog and today they reviewed Dove Peppermint Bark Dark Chocolate Promises and I am tying myself to this chair so I don't run out right now and get some. How good do these look?

Has anyone tried them? Candy Blog says they are worth it, even better than an Andes Mint!


Ann said...

Holy crap, there's a candy blog! I don't know what I did before you Sasha!You always have something great I need to know about.

Liz said...

shut the front door? peppermint candy AND a candy blog?

Anonymous said...

Bought these today, they are so yummy, but I want to shoot the person who decided that Martha should include a little "holiday tip" instead of the usual Dove feel-good message under the foil.

Thanks for the guilt trip Martha, now I totally feel like I should be shopping for striped ribbon to dress up my holiday candles (WTF!)instead of sitting on my bum snarfing chocolates.