Thursday, May 21, 2009

My House Smells Fabulous!

The rain has stopped, the sun is out to stay for a bit, and I have Spring Fever. Time to put up the Christmas candles and make the Sasha house smell like spring!

I recently picked up two different candles at Target to see which one I liked best.

First up is Glade Suddenly Spring, purchased for $3.14, which I believe was 50 cents off the regular price at Target.

This candle is such a pretty shade of pale green and looks great in the frosted glass. It smells light and fresh. Cons: the label is permanently attached to the glass, and the scent is very light- you almost have to "try" to smell it burning.

Next I purchased Febreze Winds & Springtime for $6.54, also at Target. I used a $1 coupon from the P&G insert to bring the price down to $5.54. (Note: I just found the same candle for $5 at Walmart, so that's $4 with a coupon.)

The glass is nice and thick and feels expensive and there is no label attached to the glass- it looks pricy! The color is the same pretty shade of pale green, but the scent is FANTASTIC and I feel bad each time I have to blow it out. This scent is stronger than the Glade, but still not overpowering. This candle wins hands down, and I'll be purchasing more since this is a limited edition.

Let me know if you have found other spring-y candles I need to try!


Anonymous said...

My favorite candles are Yankee Candles. Lilac and Sun and Sand. PRIMO for warm weather.

Lipstick said...

I am totally hooked on this cheap-o candle I got at Michael's. It was store brand, I think - but the scent is sandlewood and it is to die for!

Jaime said...

I love the glade candles...the green IS hard to smell though. You should try the linen's heavenly..makes the whole house smell so CLEAN!!!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

I love your candle comparison. I need to try this out.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the candle review. Febreeze should totally send you a check. Because I'm going to buy some tomorrow! The Semi-Slacker crib needs some freshing up.