Tuesday, May 5, 2009

New Lipgloss Find

Are you tired of my lipstick finds? Do you think I am crazy for spending $26 on a lippie? I don't want to hear you say one little word about it... I know I have a problem and I've made peace with it.

I purchase Plum Wave and it is divine! It applies like a lipgoss, but has the coverage of a long-wearing lipstick while still being moisturizing. It doesn't bleed and the color lasts hours. Meet all my requirements! Oh, and it smells good too.

I see that Sephora has some new shades and I'd like to try Digital Berry. (Is anyone from Lancome corporate reading?) I tried Plum Savvy on my hand at the store and there wasn't enough color in it for me.

Speaking of Sephora, I don't know if you noticed, but I have an affiliate box on the upper right hand side.... should you be placing a Sephora order, be sure and stop by my site first and click through- I'll love you forever... and be able to purchase more lippies to try and blog about!


Julie said...

I LOVE reading about your finds...

Katy said...

Sounds like a lovely lipcolor. I'm with you on trying diff. products out all of the time, I love it!!!!!!!
Hope you're having a great week Miss Sasha.