Friday, May 31, 2013

LOTD #47 and SDC

Avon Pro-To-Go in Beaming Berry

Sadly, the Pro-To-Go lippies were discontinued. I first discovered them back in 2008 when Reese Witherspoon was serving as a Beauty Ambassador for Avon and was in all the ads wearing lipstick from this line.

Pro-to-Go is a creamy, moisturizing, highly-pigmented formula that also contains SPF 15. It glides on smooth, the texture is light, the color is even a little bit shiny, and the one-hand application packaging is fabulous!
Slide: Slide up button to raise lid…and lipstick.
Glide: Glide on color for beautiful lips.
Hide: Slide down button…see lid close.

I would describe the Pro To Go as a highly pigmented lip balm (sort of a first gen Revlon Lip Butter). They doesn't have a lot of staying power, but they feel absolutely fabulous on your lips and wears off extremely evenly, so I didn't mind reapplying it. I've got about 4-5 shades to rediscover and see if I still want to keep them in my stash- Beaming Berry is a keeper.

Memorial Day Weekend

Last Friday was the last day of school here, so we packed up the car and headed to Branson. We purchased season tickets for Silver Dollar City when we went out for Spring Break, and we always find a good deal on lodging thru, so we figured, why not?

And bonus, GAC Country Nights had started! This is definitely P's favorite part of SDC! GAC Country Nights is a fabulous 90 minute singing and dancing show they have every evening during the warmer months. He was so disappointed not to get to see it when we went in March, so that was the first thing he asked about this trip. I am so glad he loves music like me.

WC was so excited to pose for a pic with Jessica, one of the hosts. She was so funny!

Hope you had a nice holiday weekend too!

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