Tuesday, May 7, 2013

LOTD #37 and a Weekend Update

Too Faced Mood Swing Emotionally Activated Lip Gloss in Smurfette
(discontinued- but purchased from Sephora for $18.50)

My lips are so so so chapped today! Yesterday was worse, hence the no-lip-of-the-day yesterday. You didn't want to see the flakes, trust me.

Today is a bit better, but I still needed a nice gloss. The Smurfette Mood Swing gloss has been a fav orite for years. As it wears off, it leaves behind a very pretty pink stain. And there's no feathering, which is always a problem for me with glosses.

We spent almost the entire weekend outside, and it was so cold and windy! I suspect that's where the lip problem came from.

Will's team won the city's 9U soccer tourney, after playing through three games in the playoffs this weekend. So proud of the Tigers!

Saturday was our annual Block Party and although the weather didn't cooperate enough for us to have the giant waterslide like we did last year, we did have some really fun stuff- like the Euro Bungy!


s.lange said...

I love this series! I just wanted to pass on some info - I was getting really chapped lips and that is NOT normal for me so I tested out the only thing that had changed for me and it turned out to be the Colour Caresse Wet Shine Stains. If I wear them my lips get so chapped and take a week to recover. Lots of people have mentioned this in their reviews as well. It is such a shame since I LOVE wearing them!

Sasha said...

S. Lange- thank you for letting me know that about the shine stains. I will pay attention and see if the chapping happens after I wear one. Hope not, because I love them!