Monday, May 13, 2013

LOTD# 40 and A Big Metal Chicken

 We are at LOTD #40! Sadly, I have not made a dent in the bucket o' lip color. Stick around folks! This may go into 2014!

Custom blended reproduction of Origins Just Bitten Raspberry

In the early-2000s, I almost exclusively wore Origins Just Bitten Raspberry. It was such a beautiful color that felt great on and didn't run into the lines around my lips. And then of course it was discontinued.

But a few years ago I heard about Three Custom Color Specialists, who can recreate your favorite shade of lipstick. It was a bit pricy at $60 for two tubes, so I waited until they ran a sale (I think I purchased mine at 40% off) and then placed an order. I have to tell you- I was so pleased! It was really just like I remembered.

Mother's Day

I had such a wonderful Mother's Day weekend. We had beautiful weather, so we spent most of Saturday outside. And look what I got- my very own Beyonce! Of course, mine is not as big but I love her! (If you aren't familiar with the Beyonce story, head on over here and make sure you pee first.)

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