Wednesday, May 22, 2013

LOTD #45 and Nashville

Avon Pro-To-Go in Cherry Glisten

Sadly, the Pro-To-Go lippies were discontinued. I first discovered them back in 2008 when Reese Witherspoon was serving as a Beauty Ambassador for Avon and was in all the ads wearing lipstick from this line.

Pro-to-Go is a creamy, moisturizing, highly-pigmented formula that also contains SPF 15. It glides on smooth, the texture is light, the color is even a little bit shiny, and the one-hand application packaging is fabulous!
Slide: Slide up button to raise lid…and lipstick.
Glide: Glide on color for beautiful lips.
Hide: Slide down button…see lid close.

I would describe the Pro To Go as a highly pigmented lip balm (sort of a first gen Revlon Lip Butter). They doesn't have a lot of staying power, but they feel absolutely fabulous on your lips and wears off extremely evenly, so I didn't mind reapplying it. I've got about 4-5 shades to rediscover and see if I still want to keep them in my stash- I think Cherry Glisten is a keeper.


I am finally caught up on Nashville and so excited for the season finale! So much happened in last week's episode- that could have totally been the last episode of the season! WHAT ELSE CAN THEY DO???? And if you missed it, there is always a fabulously trashy recap at Forever Young Adult.

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