Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Review: Chuao Orange-a-Go-Go and I Spy Contest

My favorite chocolate company, Chuao Chocolatier (pronounced chew-WOW), just announced their newest flavor, Orange-A-Go-Go, which mixes rich dark chocolate with zesty bits of candied orange and soulful bergamot. 

This chocolate bar has a delicate flavor that evolves into a lively citrusy zing and ends with orange bergamot that will captivate any chocolate lover’s palate.

And the best part... it's also available in a 50-calorie ChocoPod mini bar. So cute!

Look at that yummy piece of orange zest in there!

Of course it's also available as a full-sized bar, which you can either share..... or not. (Shhh..... remember, I don't share my Chuao bars with the kids. They can eat Hershey.)

I Spy Contest

Chuao wants to know when you spy Chuao on the shelves at your favorite retailer!  They have launched their I Spy Chuao Instagram sweepstakes, which gives you the chance to win free chocolate and a $250 gift card.

Entering is simple. Follow Chuao’s Instagram feed @chuaochocolatier and follow the 3 steps below.
  1. Post a photograph of a Chuao chocolate bar on the shelf at a local retailer with the hashtag #ispy
  2. Tag @chuaochocolatier
  3. Use hashtags for the name of the #retailer, #city and #street.
For example: #ispy @chuaochocolatier #Target #Chicago #West33rdSt

The I Spy Chuao sweepstakes begins at 3 p.m. PST on May 10, 2013, and ends on May 24, 2013. A winner will be announced every day and awarded a gourmet Chuao Chocolatier chocolate bar. The grand prize winner will win a $250 gift card to the retailer tagged in their entry. Rules and regulations can be found on Chuao’s website at www.chuaochocolatier.com/blog.

To find Chuao Chocolatier closest to you, please visit the retail locator at http://chuaochocolatier.com/locations. Participants may set up an Instagram account for free by visting www.instagram.com.

The chocolate bars discussed in this review were provided to me for review purposes.

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C. Beth said...

I must not have eaten enough for lunch because now I am craving chocolate. That looks fantastic!