Friday, March 30, 2012

Marketing 101

Last week I was at The Walmartz, and stopped by the home fragrance section to see if they had my favorite seasonal candle (Febreze Winds & Springtime) in stock yet, seeing as it's a springtime scent, and well, it's Spring Time! I only have 2 left in my stash from last year, so I needed to stock up! 2 is clearly not enough for a Y2K hoarder like me.

As all Internet-research crazy bloggers do, I did some homework before I headed to the store, and I was glad to see that Winds & Springtime was still listed in the Seasonal scents category on the Febreze website.

And yeah, I found no Winds & Springtime.

But..... it appears there is a new Limited Edition spring scent.... Brilliant Spring Blossoms.

And of course is not listed on their website.

Dear Febreze. Is it so hard to update your website with your current offerings? I've discussed this time and time again on my blog, and we all agree, and I just don't see why companies and their marketing departments can't keep up with their product lines. 

The concept is not hard y'all.

Lylas, Sasha

But at any rate, let me report that Brilliant Spring Blossoms *is* brilliant! It's light, springy, and fresh, and I love it. So if it has, in fact, replaced Winds & Springtime, I approve. I stamp my Sasha Says approval.

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sprinkles said...

I love Febreeze products! I'll have to make a point to check for that particular scent and smell it.