Monday, March 19, 2012

Running Gear

Next weekend I'm planning to make the number of half marys I've completed surpass the number of half marys I've backed out of at the last minute.

Last night my friend Amanda and I were discussing making a checklist of crap we need to remember to take with us. See, you'd think running would be a tie-your-shoes-on-and-go sport, but no. And maybe it is for fab seasoned runners like Skinny Runner. But us wannabes need lots of support gear.

So here's my list of "stuff" I'll be taking with me to Dallas.

1. My trusty Garmin 205. Sure, there are a lot of newer versions out, but this one suits me just fine. (Now watch it kick the bucket.)

2. My Road ID. Gotta make sure the paramedics know what I'm allergic to if and when they have to come to my rescue.

3. My ipod. Also an older version. I'll have my Glee running playlist on there, as well as a Sophie Kinsella audiobook. Lately I've been doing half music, half book on my long runs and it seems to work well.

4. My JVC HA-FX34P Marshmallow In-Ear Headphones. I've tried quite a few sets of headphones, and found these to be the most comfortable and they don't bother me at all on long runs.

5. My iFitness Hydration Belt. It's comes with two 6 ounce bottles, and I've added two 8 ounces bottles on the back. Mr. Sasha says I look like a tacky tourist with a fanny pack on, but who's laughing when I finish my race TOTALLY HYDRATED?????? And organized to boot!

6. My Honey Stinger Organic Energy Chews in Pomegranate Passion. Love these because they don't stick to your teeth and are actually delicious if you consider Gummy Candy a food group like I do.

Do you have any must-have items for running?

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon referral links. If you happen to purchase through a link to Amazon, I'll make a few pennies (really) that I'll just roll into purchasing more Honey Stingers.


Cornelia said...

Good luck!

Emily said...

Good luck on your half! I so wish I was in shape and running a half marathon next weekend. I guess those days will be here again all too soon...

lisa said...

i will be there, too! good luck to you! :-)