Thursday, March 22, 2012

Running Playlist for the Half

Yup, I a dork. Such a dork that I thought about making a shirt that says"Glee-fully Running the Half". You don't have to be my friend anymore if you don't want to. I know I'm not cool.

But I do love Glee. The music most of all. In my dreams, I'm a fabulous singer and performer and up there belting out tunes along with the cast. So that takes my mind off the running a bit.

And of course I had to add Call Me Maybe on the playlist. I made the mistake of playing it for WC and now it is playing nonstop so I'm not sure how much long I'm going to love it. But for now, it still makes me smile.

What do you listen to while you run?


Becky C. said...

Good luck at the race this weekend. Looks like beautiful weather for it.

C. Beth said...

Oh, that shirt would have been awesome!