Monday, March 5, 2012

Q&A Monday

1. If you were in a pageant and had to perform a talent, what would it be?
Tap, totally!

2. What is your biggest beauty-related regret? (mall bangs, biker shorts, bronzer overload, etc)
This hair. 'Nuff said.

3. Do you have a celebrity look-alike?

I don't think so! Once someone at a restaurant asked me if I was on a soap opera, but wasn't sure who it was she thought I looked like. What do you think?

4. What is your natural hair color?

Who knows! It's been awhile since I've seen it. I suspect dark brown with some grey mixed in.

5. Ever met a celebrity?

During the 2006-2007 television season, the was a fabulous show on called The Class and Mr. Sasha and I loved it! (And of course it was cancelled). After it was cancelled, we were in NYC just minding our own business, crossing the street, and passed Jesse Tyler Ferguson, who played Richie (pre-Modern Family family). I whispered "Look! There's Richie!" to the hubby and Jesse totally heard me because he turned back around, and tipped his head back as if to say, "Yup, that's me!"

6. Fave/least fave housewife from any of the Real Housewives shows on BRAVO?

I haven't ever watched any of those shows, but I don't think I'm being high-and-mighty. I watch Dance Moms and admit it freely!

7. Workout regimen?

I'm currently doing ChaLean Extreme and training for my third half mary, which will take place at the end of March.

8. Dream gift?

In high school, I drove a Fiat Spider for a bit, and I loved loved loved how cute it was. Of course, a 2 seater was no fun when you wanted to haul 6 of your friends around, so it didn't last long. I would absolutely love to have one now, just as a "fun" car.

9. Are you a good/bad cook?

I'm a great recipe-follower, if there are not too many steps!

10. What is your favorite food? Biscoff cookies. Swoon.


Liz said...

biscoff cookies?!?! what?? i had these for the first time when i was babysitting years ago - like 20. the family flew somewhere and the airlines gave them out. i remembered the name and actually ordered some a few years ago. where do you get them locally? gaww they're good!

C. Beth said...

I've been watching Celebrity Apprentice, and Debbie Gibson is on it this season. So that's who came to mind as your celebrity look-alike.

Sasha said...

Liz, I've seen them locally at Walgreens and target! So so good! Have you tried the spread? I had to order it online, but it is worth it.

sprinkles said...

I actually like your hair in that cheerleader pic!

Liz said...

dang it, i didn't check back on this one but i just discovered the spread in pinterest. i bet it's awwwwesome!! i'll have to order some SOON!