Thursday, March 29, 2012

Race Report: Dallas Rock 'n' Roll Half

Skinny Runner sometimes posts Crappy Reader Race Pic and I finally have one to send her.

It appears I do something strange with my mouth when I run. As well as my right hand. And if I had noticed the girl on my right, I might have stopped and checked on her- boy does she look tired.

I un-PR'ed this one.... it got HOT and I've been pretending like I don't have a leg injury, so I added 13 minutes onto my prior PR of 2:13 on this course last year. We'll just pretend Sunday didn't happen. At least I looked good in my SR shirt!

All I all, I did have a fabulous weekend since I had some dear friends along to share the experience. I'm not upset at all about my time, just so grateful for getting to spend time with friends I value so much.


C. Beth said...

Having friends there & enjoying yourself--that's what's important! Congrats on another successful half, even if it wasn't your fastest. :)

Katy said...

Way to go! Just finishing a half is HUGE in my book!


mistyinthemiddle said...

I felt the same way about Sunday. I am glad to read your post and know that someone else feels the same way!