Friday, June 12, 2009

Shred It or Dread It: Update 1

Hmmm... I think my scale lied to my face like it did to Mamalicious a few weeks ago.

My mother-scratcher scale told me I've only lost 4 pounds since I first started Shred It or Dread It about 9 days ago.

I'll admit that I haven't gotten my planned 6 days per week of exercise in, and I certainly haven't managed to keep track of my WW points like I should, although I'm betting most of you figured I'd fall off the wagon in some way. I always shoot big so I if I fail on some of my tasks, some of them still get done and there's some positive-ness to pat myself on the back for.

I've totally succeeded on limiting my alcohol intake to Saturdays (well, there's just been one Saturday, but you bet I drank on it) and so I figured I'd lose a few more than that...... maybe I sabotaged myself on my Saturday off with Slim and Mamalicious? Oh wait, I did have a few beers last Friday on accident.

At any rate, I suppose that's a good start and I still have 6 weeks or so to go to lose the remaining 11 pounds. I'm not sure when I'm going on my trip because I have a terrible memory for things like dates. The hubs asked me last night what day I leave and I told him I'd have to pull out the calendar to check, and damn, it was all the way in the kitchen. Hopefully the girls I'm going with will remind me when it gets close. Surely they'll pick me up on their way to the airport.

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