Monday, June 1, 2009

A Day at the Farm

Saturday the whole fam damily headed out to the county for a mini college reunion with three of my sorority sisters and their families. We had 8 adults and 9 kids between us. My friend Jodie even had a little boy that is just a few days older than P, and they really hit it off.

We had a ultra fabulous time complete with good food, good beer, and good company!

When we left Sunday morning, P got sad and said, "I'm really going to miss them!"

A little fishin'- P caught this fish by himself

The kids spent most of them time riding in these

pulled by this.

I love love love that we were able to let them pretty much have the run of the place and no was one telling them "No, don't do that!" That's one thing I think we miss living in the city- that freedom that we had as kids in the 70s. I guess there's just too many damn crazy people these days.

The four of us girls all grew up in small towns and we talked a lot about how we all used to ride around in the back of the pickup truck (in town of course). We had a farm outside of town and I have a memory of my dad stopping at the convenience store on the way there and getting a single tall boy beer in a skinny brown paper sack. When he'd get in the car, he'd peel of the pop-tab and drop in down in the beer before he took his first drink. No car seats back then- we'd either be sitting in our dad's lap helping steer, or sitting on the "hump". I think when we were babies they just laid us down in the back seat. Who knows....

Things are so different now. These days we have to watch the kids like hawks and make sure they don't go in the street and get hit by a car or snatched up by a crazy person.

Out at the farm, the worst that could happen is they might get filthy- and they sure did that!

And they are still talking about how much fun they had.

Love to all my girls- can't wait for Mexico next month!


Prissy Southern Prep said...

Mexico? I am super jealous! I am glad you had a great weekend.

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Yea we have nothing like that here in California. All city, all stucco buildings. Freaking out about ur kid, even if he is in your gated front yard.

Sounds like a blast.

Elaine's Semi-Homemade Life said...

Awww, so fun! And on a side note, have you ever ridden in one of those round train things yourself, Sash? OMG. Don't! I did it last fall at the pumpkin farm and I've never been more uncomfy - the back wasn't cut out enough and DUG into my back... But Big Sis insisted, so... ;)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

How wonderful! I bet it was so lovely to get some fresh air and stretch those legs. So fun.

Multislacking Mama said...

Good fun right there.

Those are the memories you have to make possible for your kids.