Monday, June 8, 2009

Hemangioma Revision Update

The Wild Child had her second hemangioma revision surgery in March 2009 and we couldn't be more pleased with the results.
This was before the second surgery

And this is now

We keep it covered with Mepiform Sheeting 24/7 and also go overboard and make her wear a thick white athletic wristband any time she goes outside- so you can see a bit of a tan line- although I promise we use sunscreen! We are supposed to be using the Mepiform for at least 3 months, but I have read about fabulous results for people who have used it for around a year, so we're going to continue using it for now since we have quite a bit left.

Here's an extreme close-up.

If you are new to our story and want to see the progression in pictures, click here.

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Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

It looks great!! Thanks for the update! You know I wanted to see the pics, of all people!!!

Lipstick said...

Wow! That is amazing!

Mrs. Everything said...

Oh Sasha! It looks fantastic!! You must be so pleased.

P's is fading so quickly... the pedi derm was right, it will be gone by kinder.

Unknown said...

wow! i am completely blown away by her progress! what a miracle.

C. Beth said...

Wow, Sasha, AWESOME! How fantastic that she's gotten this taken care of so early--it'll barely be a memory and barely be a scar.

Tiffany said...

Wow that looks awesome!

Here's to continued healing & fading!

Matt & Carrie said...

What dedicated parents you continue to be....her arm looks fab! hugs and smooches!

Katy said...

Oh, so happy that it looks SO good. Just wonderful!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sasha, my daughter will be 3 in August. I've referenced this blog many many times since hers became ulcerated at 3-4 months old. We have a consult with the surgeon in November (he wanted to wait for a non sunny season). He mentioned there were 2 schools of thought...getting it off early, so it's over with...or waiting til she was 14 and stopped growing. He said that the benefit of getting off early is so that she won't have to worry about it (people comment on it often, and she is aware of it already) but that her scar may be a bit wider than it would be if we waited til she was older. He said it was up to us. I was just curious if you had a more recent pic of this? It looks like it's been a few years now?


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