Friday, June 5, 2009

Oh No! Max Factor Kisses America Goodbye per WSJ

I'm getting ready to stockpile my HG mascara, Max Factor's Lash Perfection Volume Couture, because I just read in today's WSJ that P&G is removing Max Factor from US shelves in order to concentrate on CoverGirl. (Do you read WSJ? I absolutely love the Marketplace and Personal Journal sections and scour them for product and marketing news first thing at work every day.)

Wah! This is the absolute best mascara ever... It's currently only available in my area at Wal-Mart. I'm heading there this weekend and buying all the have. I'm gonna look like a crazy lady buying 10 mascaras.


Amanda said...

Don't buy them all! Leave some for me!!

Lis said...

Oh no!!! My cousin and I WILL be going to ULTA to stock up tonight!!

RIP max factor!!

Thanks for letting me know!!!

M said...

Oh honey, no crazier than me buying Walgreens entire supply of Magic Cream when they carry the Smooth kind.

Wonder if you can still buy it online?

Suzy said...

WSG is great; I totally agree! It's a sad sad day when favorite make-up items just disappear. Poof!
I've done the "Insane Massive Quantity Buying" once for some face make-up; I felt a little cuckoo but, damn, I've still got 2 jars left. So, you go girl! Buy what you can find!

Unknown said...

NOOOOO!!!! I use this brand too, and I can only find it at Walmart ... guess where I will be tomorrow!?! Thanks for the heads up!