Saturday, June 13, 2009

Vocab Lesson: Wow Wear

Are we all watching Little Miss Perfect? If you're not, you should be. There's all kind of things to be learned.

First of all, when thinking of my daily wardrobe, it'll now be all about "Wow Wear", which is some type of creative outfit or sportswear that the girls in the pageant wear to "Wow" the judges. That can certainly apply to our lives I think- don't we all need to have that "Wow" factor when we get dressed? I'll be putting on my black pants and work shirts and thinking to myself, "Will I wow anyone today in this outfit? If not, I probably need to change."

Also, I have a new favorite song, and it's called Little Miss Perfect Pageant. Did you know there are citrus colored rainbows on the other side? I do now....


Monkey Mae said...

Great post! I have the pleasure of knowing "Mr. Michael" of LMP fame...and will be posting about him tomorrow. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow ware is a little bit more than that