Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Thank Goodness I'm Already Happily Married

Because if I was a Bachelor contestant, I'd be in trouble.

I think Jason has taken all the final girls on airplane rides, and we all know how I am on airplanes! I am sure he'd cut me after he saw my unavoidable air travel behavior.

And on that note, Mr. Sasha and I are flying to NY in mid-April for a little vacay. I've got two things to figure out before then: if my doctor will prescribe me a Xanax to take pre-flight, and how to get tickets to a Broadway show.

The Xanax will require a phone call that I will of course put off until the last minute.

But I imagine I need to work on the Broadway ticket thing now. Any advice?

Oh, and if you are watching The Bachelor, you should really be reading I Love the Bachelor Blog. Great play by play and great commentary.


Melissa said...

That's funny because when I watched The Bachelor I thought the sam thing- If I had been on one of those helicopter ride dates (or bungee jumping) I would have refused to go and been cut!

I take the smallest does of klonopin before getting on a plane, and it works wonders! Definitely call your doctor!

As for Broadway show tickets, I'd do it way in advance, just to be safe!

Lulu said...

Unfortunately, everyone I know watches the Bachelor..except for me! I need to start watching the next season!

Brooke said...

Take a few shots of tequila! You'd be the life of the party on the plane!
Call your hotel, they always have ticket connections. I have no idea what shows are running now, but if Wicked is a choice, jump on it. Freakin' fantastic. Hubs and I ate at an Italian restaurant a few years back right off Times Square. Oh Lordy...I still have dreams about the ravioli. I think I wrote the name of it in our scrapbook. I'll try and find it for you.

MDO said...

Your hotel should be able to hook you up with tickets - I'd get them soon though, since those shows usually sell out. I'm jealous! I LOVE NYC!

Mrs. Everything said...

Totally depends on what you want to see... I (and other people I pointed this direction)always had luck with the TKTS booth in Time Square... fabulous prices!!

morewineplease said...

I am sooo pissed off at that show... do you read reality steve..... the whole thing is a sham! GRRRRRRRRR

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

I can't bear The Bachelor anymore, but Emily still watches and this is her favorite recap blog:

I've enjoyed reading Boo Mama's recaps as well, even though I don't watch.

Jaime said...

Just a word of advice..........don't put off the phone call for xanax til the last minute. I did that w/ my OB last week and she didn't refill it for me AND I NEED it. So now I have to call (meaning my dh has to call) and make an appointment for me to see a new doc. That's scary enough to need about 4 xanaxes!!!! Good luck!

Multislacking Mama said...

Oh, how FUN for your NY Vacay! I wish you the strength to call your doctor for the flight medication. It is a **MUST** for me, and I have to let it melt in my mouth and chase it with at least 2 beers. Yes. I am hard core.

Klonopin is also nice, but I have not figured out a way to ask my doctor for any, as he already gives me the Xanax.

Doesn't he know that I can't relax EVER? I need help!!! :o)

Really, on the real- my effexor hasn't helped me much as of late with big work stress.

How is WC doing in the BGB? I've been thinking about her.

I've been trapped in the Riverwind smoking break room all week doing computer training (long story). I need about 15 beverlies and my own Beverly is pooping in the floor and I'm so tired that I don't care all that much.

Next week. It will be better.