Monday, February 2, 2009

Trans Design Order

Oh my.... I am officially addicted to nail polish. If I had the time, I think I would be painting them every day!

I wanted to pick up all your suggestions, but I just couldn't! Some of the colors I already had, or at least had a dupe for. Thanks for all your ideas!

Here's what I got for myself:

SECHE-Restore Thinner 0.5oz. (my Seche Vite is too thick and needs to be saved from the trash!)
CND-Cuticle Eraser 0.5oz. 6/pk. (love love love this stuff and am splitting this 6 pack with a friend)
OPI-DS exclusive
OPI-DS couture
OPI-DS reserve
OPI-DS tapestry (I am in love with the DS shades!)
OPI-Queen Of West Web-Erly
OPI-Sweet As Annie-Thing
OPI-Pretty And Privileged (these three are the 90210 colors, had to have these!)
OPI-Yes...I Can-Can! (a friend had this on and it was so pretty!)
OPI-Pink Of Hearts 2 (breast cancer research color)
OPI-She's Golden
OPI-Pearls Night Out (thanks Belle for the suggestion!)
OPI-Coney Island Cotton Candy (thanks Carrie for the suggestion!)
OPI-Los Angeles Latte (wore this to my wedding and am dying to have it again!)


Ms. Katee/e-polishblog said...

I knew it was only a matter of time before you were hooked. hehehe!

A Belle and her Beau said...

goodeness gracious ... you are going to have quite the collection! keep us updated on your faves.

Anonymous said...

Great picks Sasha! I've had an eye on a few OPI DS colors myself. They are so pretty.

I've always painted my nails, but in the past few months I've become downright OCD about it! All the great nail blogs out there only make me crave more colors and products. Luckily, it's not too expensive a hobby. Hey - it's better than Coach bags!

Enjoy your new colors!

Bdubba said...

I always try to keep my toes polished and I LOVE glitter polishes. I must have some of those from the OPI DS series....but where to find??? I NEED them but Dh does not understand this need. He classifies it with the shoe/purse need I have too. Men...hmph.

Smoochiefrog said...

Oh my! Your list is longer than mine will be! How's shipping on their site?

Kally said...

I have been making a list myself for the next time Ulta has one of there OPI buy2 get1 free sales.

Yellow Beads said...


mrs shortcake said...

I feel your "pain" ... I'm addicted to OPI. My favourites are "the thrill of brazil" (red), "passion' (pale pink nude), "princesses rule" (sparkly pink), and "elephantastic pink" (hot pink).

Kim said...

kind of annoyed with Trans Design, they gave me Kola Berry (hot pink) instead of I Need Sunglasses (bright yellow) I know it is $4 but I have a serious collection and I feel like dont just slip any color b/c you dont have what I paid for... of course they dont respond to my e-mails