Tuesday, February 17, 2009

ING $25 Bonus

Would anyone like a code to get a $25 ING bonus?

The primary account holder must be a new ING customer. Since I was already an ING customer, I set up a savings account for The Wild Child and put myself as the joint owner.

There is no minimum deposit to get the bonus (typically their minimum for a bonus is $250). I started with $50, but I imagine you could start with as little as $1!

First person to email me at barelytogether at yahoo dot com will get the code!

(By the way, I get no referral bonus for this. I just have an extra code I am unable to use since the entire family now has ING accounts!)

As of 3:04 CST, code has been taken! If I get more, I'll re-post.

1 comment:

preppy little dress AKA "PLD" said...

love...love...love..ING! we have been saving with them for a couple of years! i just started trading using sharebuilder, which they bought a little while back. someone should take advantage of this opportunity - free money!