Friday, February 6, 2009

Today is Big Girl Bed Day

From Nov 1 through Christmas, The Wild Child didn't slept worth a shit. In addition to not going to bed until close to 10 pm, she would wake up an average of 5-7 times per night. Mr. Sasha and I were exhausted and didn't had a moment to ourselves. I didn't say a whole lot about this on here, because it's just hadn't been something I wanted to unload on you guys.

About a week before Christmas , I was doing some research and read about weighted blankets, which are supposed to help kids with SPD sleep better. I thought, what the hell, I'm desperate and ordering one. I ordered a 7 pound blanket that was 36" X 54" from The Hug Shack.

(photo from The Hug Shack)

It arrived on Christmas Eve and a miracle occurred! Her wakings decreased to 1-2 times per night, which was oh-so-much better. We were still having the issue of getting her to go to sleep in the first place though- 10 pm was still about the norm.

Last week, at the suggestion of Kelly Bee, I asked our OT about trying Melatonin. She said she had quite a few patients on it. I of course checked with my bargain board ladies and got some info on what kind to pick up (liquid). Another miracle! After giving it to her at 8 pm, she was going to sleep at 8:30 without a fight! I also checked with our ped to make sure he was OK with it, and he said if it's helping that much, go for it.

But she's still waking up once a night or so and coming into our bed, stealing my pillow, and jamming her little knees into my back and just generally disrupting my much-needed sleep.

So we think maybe she's rolling around in her crib-converted-to-a-toddler-bed and hitting the sides. So tonight, it's Big Girl Bed time. Mr. Sasha has already picked up the new full-sized mattress and box springs and dropped them off home, ready for us to rearrange her room tonight. All her furniture is tethered to the wall (I'm a super-smart mom!) and so we'll have to undo that and move stuff around to make it fit.

For now, we'll be leaving the mattress/box springs on the floor. I have a beautiful family quilt and a gorgeous pink blanket I've been saving to use on her BGB.

So cross your fingers and toes that tonight goes well!


Smoochiefrog said...

Good luck with that! Hope all goes well.

C. Beth said...

Oh, that's exciting! Good luck!

Okay, I'm going to give some unsolicited advice with two caveats:
1. I know this is unsolicited so, hey, feel free to not even READ it, much less follow it.
2. I know with WC's sensory issues this may not work for her.

Chickie likes to come get in bed with us, and I was having the same issue as you--she keeps me awake. I was really getting annoyed, and we'd put her back in her bed, but that's upstairs, and we're downstairs--basically my sleep was screwed whether I let her stay in my bed, or took her back upstairs.

So--several nights ago we put one of those little kid fold out couch things (the ones that are just foam and cloth, you can buy them at Target or be like me and get it cheap at a garage sale) next to our bed. We put a pillow on it and some blankets. And we let her know if she wants to come to us in the middle of the night she can sleep NEXT to our bed.

And...IT'S WORKING! She has been coming down every night but she sleeps on her little folded-out couch thing and doesn't disturb me nearly as much.

Fooferoo said...

My dd has ASD and takes Melatonin (isn't it a wonder drug?) but we couldn't find the liquid so we do the chewable kind from Trader Joe's and we also do the fold out foam sofa next to the bed. Just thought I'd 2nd the idea.

Sharon said...

I am saying a little prayer it goes great! We are right there in the exact same boat so i will be watching to see the procedure that finaly works!!

Anniebanannie said...

Good luck with the BGB!

Julie {Angry Julie Monday} said...

Welcome to my life S!

We have the same issues. We put Melatonin in Angry Toddler's milk every night. We have too...

He has ADHD so we have alot of the same issues.

I'm there for u if you ever wants tips or to vent.

michelle matthews said...

I am so sorry that you have been sleep deprived! Ugh!!!
That is really cool about the blanket!

Browns said...

I hope the BGB worked. It's tough to function without getting good sleep--let us know how it worked.

kelly bee said...

Glad it helped a little. :)

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

VERY cool about the blanket!

how is BGB going?

We think we are having some of the same issues of outgrowing the toddler bed with Dacey. This has been our hardest sleeping transition so far . . .